Urban Analytics Lab

Geospatial and 3D urban modelling research group at the National University of Singapore

We are a new multidisciplinary research group focusing on urban data analysis, geographic data science, and 3D city modelling at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Our mission is to leverage spatially enabled data for urban applications, catalyse the development of spatial data infrastructures in the context of smart cities, and make sense of big geospatial data and digital twins in the built environment.

The research group is led by Dr Filip Biljecki, presidential young professor at the NUS School of Design and Environment.

We are involved in several international collaborations such as the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) and the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC).

You are welcome to follow our work through Twitter, our blog, and our papers.

The full list of our interests and key words: Geographical Information Science (GIS), geospatial machine learning, geographic data science, spatial data infrastructure (SDI), 3D city modelling / 3D GIS (some people also call them digital twins), 3D urban analytics, spatial data quality and standardisation (CityJSON, CityGML), Volunteered geoinformation (VGI) and OpenStreetMap (OSM), Building Information modelling (BIM), Geospatial data visualisation, 3D underground data modelling, and 3D cadastre.


Updates from our Lab

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Publication of the collection Emerging topics in 3D GIS

A special issue we organised in Transactions in GIS

New paper: 3dfier: automatic reconstruction of 3D city models

A software paper published in the Journal of Open Source Software.

New paper: 3D city models for urban farming site identification in buildings

A novel application of 3D geoinformation, published in Computers, Environment and Urban Systems

OGC seeks public comment on new CityJSON Community Standard

CityJSON offers an easy-to-use alternative to the GML encoding of CityGML 2.0 for the storage and exchange of 3D city models

Two new papers: Reference study of IFC/CityGML software support

The GeoBIM benchmark is concluded with two papers published back-to-back in Transactions in GIS

The new building of our school is the first one in SE Asia to achieve the stringent Zero Energy Certification

Recognition by the prestigious International Living Future Institute

New paper: Extending CityGML for IFC-sourced 3D city models

Development of an application domain extension published in Automation in Construction

Meet our junior members

The Lab warmly welcomes new student researchers

Recent activities of the Lab

After we’ve enjoyed taking part in the State of the Map, IACAD, and 3D GeoInfo, the ongoing work of the Lab was presented at other venues.

New report: Smart at Scale: Cities to Watch (25 Case Studies)

We contributed to the latest report of the World Economic Forum focusing on successful pilot projects that scaled

Guest lecture by Jinal Foflia

We are very pleased that Ms Jinal Foflia, Senior Program Manager – Geo at Grab has visited us to give a guest lecture as part of our module Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Cartography.

The PI of the Lab elected co-chair of the Open Geospatial Consortium 3DIM DWG

3D Information Modelling Domain Working Group

New paper: How might an LoD Logic Framework Help to Bridge the 3D Cadastre Research-to-Practice Gap?

FIG Working Week 2020. A Proposal for a Level of Implementation Framework

New paper: Tools for BIM-GIS Integration (IFC Georeferencing and Conversions): Results from the GeoBIM Benchmark 2019

A new collaborative paper in which we have been involved has been published

Participation at the 3D GeoInfo 2020 conference

3D GeoInfo is a key conference in the 3D GIS community

What we do

And how we do it

Large-scale 3D geospatial data for urban analytics

Creating country-wide 3D city models using artificial intelligence

3D cadastre

Collaboration with Prof Jantien Stoter (TU Delft) and Dr Serene Ho (RMIT University).

BIM-GIS interoperability

Integration of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and GIS

Urban Modelling and Smart Cities

Harnessing geographic information in the urban context.

Big Data in Real Estate

Leveraging urban analytics in real estate

GeoBIM Benchmark

Reference study on software support for open standards of city and building models


Openings, scholarships, and fellowships

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Our education activities

We are involved in teaching master courses and supervising dissertations. Are you looking for a thesis topic? Please check the teaching page for more information.

Recent publications

Our 15 latest papers. Enjoy

All our papers are available here.