NUS Urban Analytics Lab

Geospatial and urban modelling research group at the National University of Singapore

We are an interdepartmental multidisciplinary research group established in 2019 focusing on urban analytics, geographic data science, and 3D city modelling at the School of Design and Environment, National University of Singapore (NUS), the #1 ranked university in Asia and world’s #11 (QS).

Our mission is leveraging spatially enabled data for urban applications, making sense of big geo data in the built environment, and catering disciplines such as architecture, urban planning, and real estate. We put a particular focus on the infrastructure and geospatial technology powering urban analytics and urban informatics (Geomatics, data standardisation, quality of data, and foundations of GIS).

The lab is led by Dr Filip Biljecki, asst prof at NUS Architecture and Real Estate.

We are involved in several international collaborations such as the World Economic Forum and the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS).

Interests and key words:

  • Geographical Information Science (GIS)
  • Geospatial machine learning, geographic data science
  • 3D city modelling / 3D GIS
  • 3D urban analytics
  • Spatial data quality
  • Building Information modelling (BIM)
  • Having lots of fun with spatial data, plots, and maps
We’re currently occupied with adding more content to the website of our new lab. Please stay tuned, we’ll add more information soon. Feel free to contact us in the meantime.

What’s up?

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Meet our team

Team members


Li Jialin


Housing prices


Filip Biljecki

Assistant Professor of GIS and Lab Director

3D city modelling, Machine learning in GIS


Shantong Wang


Geo-Spatial/Temporal Analysis, Urban Studies, Remote Sensing Application

Projects and themes

Urban Modelling and Smart Cities

Harnessing geographic information in the urban context.

Big Data in Real Estate

Harnessing the power of urban analytics in real estate

3D Machine Learning

Augmentation of 3D city models with machine learning techniques

GeoBIM Benchmark

Reference study on software support for open standards of city and building models


Whether you are looking for a job, a postdoc, a PhD, internship, research associate position, or want to carry out a research visit, we’re always open to receiving applications from prospective staff and students.

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