Dayu Yu

Dayu Yu

Visiting Scholar

Wuhan University

Dayu Yu is a researcher with experience in GIS, Survey and Mapping, and Remote Sensing. He is a visiting PhD student at our Lab and his research interest include 3D GIS, 3D City Modelling, and High-performance Geocomputing. He has worked on projects such as photo-realistic 3D mesh objectization, Open Geospatial Engine development, and the construction of a virtual geographic environment for 3D simulation of dam failure. At the UAL, Dayu will be working on deep learning-based methods for large-scale 3D building reconstruction.

  • PhD candidate in Geographical Information Engineering

    Wuhan University, China

  • M.Eng in Surveying and Mapping Engineering, 2020

    Fuzhou University, China

  • B.Eng in Land Resource Management, 2017

    Henan Polytechnic University, China