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We believe in open science and reproducible research. Besides open access publications, we are committed to publishing our code and data on our Github account.

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If you use the code and/or the data for presentations and publications, we kindly ask you to cite us and credit our work. We have provided guidelines in each resource.

While a great deal of effort has been put into each project, we cannot be held responsible for the use of data and any errors that may arise.

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3D dataset of all public housing (HDB) in Singapore

HDB 3D city model, Singapore

Short description:About 12k semantically rich 3D buildings in Singapore in CityJSON and OBJ
FormatsCityJSON, OBJ
Further reading:Please read more here in our blog post or in the paper
Download:Github repo
Code:The code used to generate the dataset is available in a separate Github repo
Main data source(s):HDB, OpenStreetMap, OneMap. All open data