Thank you for your interest in our lab. Please find below the list of possible schemes to get involved, primarily openings we have subject to projects.

We are excited to build a new research group focused on 3D geoinformation, urban analytics, and geographic data science. Working at our lab presents a rare opportunity in Singapore and Southeast Asia to be involved in the entire 3D GIS ecosystem under the same roof: from standardisation and generation of 3D city models all the way to their utilisation and visualisation, while continuously exploring new frontiers in the field.

Working at NUS means being part of one of the world’s top universities, and having access to an extensive network of experts across myriads of domains.

Ranked as the #1 most competitive country and the safest country in the world, Singapore successfully attracts talents from all over the world by offering first-world living and working experience in the heart of Southeast Asia.


Current openings

Currently there are no openings for full-time staff. You can check past openings below to get a general idea about the positions we've had in the past, and might have in future.

Past openings

  • Researcher (traineeship) in urban analytics (1 position) (deadline: 2020-05-17)
  • Postdoctoral research fellow in 3D underground modelling (1 position) (deadline: 2020-03-02)
  • Research assistant in 3D underground modelling (2 positions) (deadline: 2020-03-02)
  • Software developer in 3D underground modelling (1 position) (deadline: 2020-03-02)
  • Scientific developer in 3D geographic data science (1 position) (deadline: 2019-12-02)
  • Student researcher in GIS (internship) (deadline: 2019-11-25)
  • Roles

    Prospective PhD candidates and postdocs are encouraged to get in touch if they find some of the fellowships below of interest. We also welcome specialists and software developers (not all our openings are necessarily for academics), visiting scholars, master students (e.g. for theses), undergrads (e.g. for internships), and others.

    Open application

    If you’d like to get in touch, please do so through the contact form at the end of this page. We appreciate motivated prospective students and staff with dedicated applications. We’d like to hear about your specific interest and expect you to have a solid understanding of what we do. For example, you can read one of our publications you find interesting, provide your perspective, and let us know how do you see yourself contributing to the work. While we appreciate interest, we cannot attend to generic applications without a clear motivation and understanding of the scope of our work.

    Prospective PhD candidates

    We are happy to accept well-motivated and talented prospective PhD candidates. Please note that applications to the PhD programme should be done directly to the School of Design and Environment, but you may also first get in touch with us to discuss. The NUS website on graduate admissions is a good starting point to get more information about doing a PhD at our university.

    The application deadlines are usually 15 November for the intake in August next year, and 15 May for the start in January. Please start preparing early, and indicate in your application that you would like to be supervised by Asst Prof Filip Biljecki. If you apply, let us know.

    At the moment, we do not offer fully-funded PhD positions. However, sometimes there are scholarship opportunities by the school to partially or fully fund your PhD journey, and there are external funding options. Do also check the comprehensive list in the continuation of this web page, which we prepared for candidates seeking external funding. For example, if applicable to you, check out the The Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for the Future for another potential scholarship. Please note that most (external) scholarships require a candidate to be admitted to a PhD programme before applying for funding (e.g. providing letter of acceptance from the university). Thus, we recommend starting as soon as possible.

    You may also want to read the graduate studies website of either the Department of Architecture (and its FAQ), or the Department of Real Estate (we are part of both).

    Prospective postdocs/research fellows and PhD candidates: fellowship/scholarship opportunities

    We are open to endorse well motivated applications for external (mostly postdoc) fellowships and scholarships that facilitate carrying out research at our lab and at NUS. Depending on your nationality and university, there are many opportunities to fund your PhD or postdoc research. Please see below for examples we have selected.

    General (open to many or all nationalities)


    For a comprehensive list of further opportunities please see the ECRcentral’s Funding schemes and fellowships for early career researchers. We gratefully acknowledge the authors behind the list, from which we compiled the selection above.

    Current NUS students: theses, TAs, internships

    We accept graduate students from NUS Architecture and Real Estate to work on topics in our research domain. Provided there is a fit, we are open to working with graduate students from other NUS schools and programmes (e.g. FASS/Geography).


    Are you looking for a dissertation/thesis topic? We offer supervision of theses (please check the potential topics on the link, and examples of completed theses). It is possible to adapt them to suit your background and interest.

    Feel free to get in touch to learn more. Please fill this form to indicate your interest or just approach us directly.

    Teaching assistant positions

    We are involved in teaching GIS and urban analytics in master programmes at the School of Design and Environment. TA openings may be posted in future.

    NUS undergraduates

    Occasionally we have paid internship openings, so stay tuned and check this website occasionally. Our thesis topics are available only to undergrads of our School of Design and Environment.

    Visitors: research visit

    Please fill this form if you are interested in visiting us, regardless of the intended duration and your position. Depending on your country of residence and position, sometimes there are opportunities for a funded stay, such as the French-Singaporean research collaboration programme Merlion and the US Fulbright Program.

    Non-NUS graduate students: theses, PhD research, guest researcher arrangements

    External (non-NUS) master students and PhD candidates can carry out a portion of their research at our lab. Both students from other Singaporean and overseas universities are eligible. Please refer to the NUS Non-Graduating Programme for the framework of the scheme. Make sure to also check potential topics we offer for theses.

    Internships for undergraduate students from universities outside Singapore

    About undergrads from overseas universities: at the moment we are accepting only German undergraduates thanks to the DAAD RISE Worldwide program. However, if your university or country has a similar programme, contact us.


    Are some of the options listed above of your interest or you have a general enquiry? Feel free to get in touch with us through the form below. While we appreciate interest, we cannot attend to generic applications without a clear motivation and understanding of the scope of our work.

    National University of Singapore

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