Aims and why us

We are a research group at the National University of Singapore (NUS) focused on the nexus of novel urban data streams, urban analytics, and geospatial data science, a unique research agenda in Singapore and Southeast Asia and beyond.

Fellowship opportunities

We are open to endorsing well motivated applications for external (mostly postdoc) fellowships and scholarships that facilitate carrying out research at our Lab and at NUS.

Guide for prospective PhD students

Thanks for your interest in conducting a PhD with us at the National University of Singapore. We welcome motivated and talented prospective PhD candidates in our research group — we accept new applicants continuously.


Current openings PhD Scholarship (SINGA) PhD Scholarship (NUS IDS) Past openings Postdoctoral research fellow (Singapore Citizens/PR only) Postdoctoral research fellow (ASEAN Citizens only) Postdoctoral research fellow Research assistant Developer / Research associate Postdoctoral research fellow (data quality/GIScience/digital twins) Postdoctoral research fellow (GIScience/3D/urban analytics) Student researcher in GIS/urban analytics/urban data science Researcher (traineeship) in urban analytics Postdoctoral research fellow in 3D underground modelling Research assistant in 3D underground modelling (2 positions) Software developer in 3D underground modelling Scientific developer in 3D geographic data science Student researcher in GIS (internship) Open applications and general info about positions We appreciate open enquiries from motivated prospective PhD candidates, research assistants, postdoctoral research fellows, and visiting scholars but we expect dedicated applications.


The Lab is active in the following teaching activities at the National University of Singapore: Teaching master courses Supervising student projects (theses and dissertations) Please see below for more information.

Theses, dissertations, and capstone projects

If you are a motivated and talented graduate student, it is possible to conduct your thesis with us. Each year, we offer supervision and guidance to a few students interested in pursuing projects related to urban data science, GIScience, and 3D city modelling.