The Lab is active in the following teaching activities at the National University of Singapore:

Please see below for more information.

Graduate courses

Our teaching activities span multiple modules offered as part of different master programmes at the NUS College of Design and Engineering and the NUS Business School. The exact offering of modules will depend on the academic year.

GIS and Cartography (Semester 1)

  • This introductory module is part of the MSc in Real Estate. In this course, we teach the basics of geographical information science and give a thorough tutorial of QGIS from scratch, supported by assignments relevant to urban planning and real estate, but spanning also other disciplines.

Planning Technologies (Semester 2)

  • A core Master of Urban Planning module designed to acquaint students with the state of the art of urban planning technologies, predominantly urban data science. Depending on the AY, the course may include also guest lectures by external partners, e.g. Urban Redevelopment Authority. To get an peek in the topics and content, an example of a group project by previous students is featured in this blog post.