Aims and why us

We are a research group at the National University of Singapore (NUS) focused on the nexus of novel urban data streams, urban analytics, and geospatial data science, a holistic and unique research agenda in Singapore and Southeast Asia and beyond. Read more about us here.

Working at our Lab presents a opportunity to be involved in the entire geo-ecosystem — from the standardisation and generation of geoinformation (in particular, street-level imagery and 3D city models) to their utilisation and visualisation. We continuously explore new frontiers in the geospatial field, such as urban digital twins and street view imagery, leaning towards their confluence with computer science and AI.

Our papers are continuously published in top journals and are impactful across academia, government, and industry.

Our department is consistently ranked among the best in the world.

Working at NUS means being part of a leading global university centred in Asia (the #1 university in Asia and world’s top 15 according to QS) with connections to an extensive network of experts across interdisciplinary domains. NUS is at the forefront of academic research, facilitating collaboration and promoting innovation, solving real-world problems to advance society.

Beyond the university, our network and collaborations span scores of researchers around the world working on a variety of topics. Our Lab is located at SDE4, the first newly-built net-zero energy building in Singapore, and the first university building in the world to be WELL Certified Gold.

The Principal Investigator of the Lab was awarded the prestigious presidential young professorship in 2020, supporting the longterm development of the research group.

Singapore is a cosmopolitan English-speaking city-state bridging the East and the West. It is considered as the #1 most competitive country, and the safest country in the world. Singapore offers world-class living standards and a very clean, efficient, and low-tax environment which has successfully attracted talents from all over the world.

And of course, it has great food and weather.

National University of Singapore

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