Visit by Dr Jonathan Natanian, Head of EPDL

Collaboration with Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

Our Lab and department hosted Dr Jonathan Natanian, assistant professor at the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

At Technion, Jonathan established the EPDL - Environmental Performance and Design Lab, a research group that works on bridging the gap between architecture and environmental engineering, and operates by combining three main clusters which together form a triangle of knowledge: data acquisition, computational analysis, and environmental design interface. EPDL focuses on establishing a bridge between those disciplines in a cross-contextual, multi-scale, and cross-disciplinary way.

During his stay, he delivered the lecture The Eco-Race in Architecture Caught Between Environmental Intuition and Intelligence (poster and abstract below).

Thanks, and looking forward to future collaborations!

Abstract of the lecture

The race towards sustainability in the built environment is on!

Zero carbon by 2050 and limiting global warming to 1.5 C are just some of the ambitious thresholds we need to get to - but how do we get there by design?

Many claim that we should get back to the environmental architectural intuition we once had

  • but will it be enough? others push toward fully -digitized environmental design workflows - but what will happen then?

This lecture will discuss some of these questions which revolve around the gaps between environmental intuition and intelligence in Architecture from personal, local, and global eco-race perspectives.