Our PhD researcher Binyu Lei's work featured in GIM International as a cover story

Her research on uncovering the challenges of urban digital twins is gaining traction in industry & government.

The image shows a 3D reality mesh of Gardens by the Bay, Singapore. Courtesy of SLA.

GIM International, a leading magazine for geospatial professionals, has published an article that features the PhD research of Binyu Lei on the adoption and management of urban digital twins. It is published as a cover story.

The article summarises a recent journal paper published in Automation in Construction, available here.

The work was co-authored with Patrick Janssen, Jantien Stoter (TU Delft), and Filip Biljecki.

You can check it out also below:

Or as a PDF.

If you want to cite this research in a scientific context, please refer to the originating journal paper:

Lei B, Janssen P, Stoter J, Biljecki F (2023): Challenges of Urban Digital Twins: A Systematic Review and a Delphi Expert Survey. Automation in Construction 147: 104716. 10.1016/j.autcon.2022.104716 PDF

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