Keynote at CUSP London on 3D Urban Models: Applications and Digital Twins

Presenting our latest research at the London Data Week.

Binyu Lei and Filip Biljecki gave a keynote presentation at 3D Urban Models: Applications and Digital Twins, an online event that was part of the London Data Week, focusing on a wide range of 3D City model related topics: new visualization methods and future trends in VR, AR & Digital Twins.

The event was organised by the Centre for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP), King’s College London.

We presented our research on urban data modelling and digital twins. For the latest publications on this topic, check out our papers. Also, make sure to check Binyu’s latest paper on uncovering challenges to the adoption and management of digital twins in the urban realm.

We appreciate the invitation and thank Professor Nick Holliman and his colleagues for the organisation.