Our activities at the 11th International Conference on Urban Climate in Sydney

ICUC11 was organised by the University of New South Wales.

The 11th edition of the International Conference on Urban Climate (ICUC) was hosted in Sydney, Australia 🇦🇺. This truly multidisciplinary conference was organised by the University of New South Wales.

Big thanks to Negin Nazarian and Melissa Hart for the meticulous and smooth organisation.

Our research group and others from the National University of Singapore were well represented. In particular, we shared details about two ongoing projects.

Marcel Ignatius presented his multidisciplinary project Data-driven models for understanding urban canopy air temperature distribution: a case study in the tropics. This work is being carried out in collaboration with Kunihiko Fujiwara. More information about this research can be found here.

Filip Biljecki has shared details on the investigations on Crowdsourced imagery for urban climate informatics, conducted with Tianhong Zhao, Liang Xiucheng, and Hou Yujun. Further, together with Mathew Lipson (Australian Bureau of Meteorology), he co-chaired the session Urban data for climate modelling and sustainable cities, which included contributions from several countries.

Also, he gave a guest lecture at the University of SydneyHeat & Health Research Incubator. Many thanks to Federico Tartarini for hosting it.

The hospitality is very much appreciated, and we look forward to the next instance of the conference.