FOSS4G Asia and research visits in Seoul

Urban Thinkers Campus workshop session and visiting Chung-Ang University.

The latest software development at the Urban Analytics Lab was recently featured at the FOSS4G Asia Conference in Seoul, South Korea 🇰🇷 by Winston Yap, PhD candidate at our research group.

Supported by the FOSS4G Travel Grant Program, Winston presented his latest work on Urbanity: A global tool for open urban network analysis, as part of the Urban Proximity - UN Habitat UTC session, which was co-organised by The Seoul Institute and Korea Planning Association.

The presentation builds on two open access papers published in his PhD:

Yap W, Biljecki F (2023): A Global Feature-Rich Network Dataset of Cities and Dashboard for Comprehensive Urban Analyses. Scientific Data 10: 667. 10.1038/s41597-023-02578-1 PDF

Yap W, Stouffs R, Biljecki F (2023): Urbanity: automated modelling and analysis of multidimensional networks in cities. npj Urban Sustainability 3: 45. 10.1038/s42949-023-00125-w PDF

These papers underscore the our Lab’s commitment to open data, software, and reproducibility in research. During his visit, Winston also visited the labs of Professor Myung-Jin Jun and Asst. Professor Yujin Park at the Department of Urban Planning and Real Estate, Chung-Ang University. Our group looks forward to continue collaborating with these wonderful research groups and being a part of FOSS4G.