How might an LoD Logic Framework Help to Bridge the 3D Cadastre Research-to-Practice Gap? A Proposal for a Level of Implementation Framework


During the past decade, hundreds of research papers have been published on the challenge of registering multi-level properties in land administration and cadastral registrations. In addition, many pilots have been carried out to show potential solutions. However, fundamental and standardised solutions for 3D cadastre are still rare. In this article we analyse the reasons for few 3D cadastre solutions in practice and we propose a 3D cadastre definition framework that can distinguish between different levels of 3D cadastre implementation depending on a specific context. Based on a level of detail logic, it supports an incremental pathway for the implementation of 3D cadastre solutions. We list the scope of the framework and finish with conclusions and future work.

FIG Working Week 2020
Filip Biljecki
Filip Biljecki
Assistant Professor