GeoBIM benchmark -- ISPRS Scientific initiative 2019 -- Final report


In both research and practice, data interoperability is considered essential to support a rising number of applications that need data from different domains. Therefore, standard data formats and models are developed by standardization organizations such as Open Geospatial Consortium (for the Geo domain) and buildingSMART (for the BIM domain). However, from practical experiences, problems were noticed (standards implementation and use of standardized data). Nevertheless, it was hard to discover what the most serious issues were and what was their reason. For GeoBIM (integration of geoinformation with building information models), the CityGML standard, by Open Geospatial Consortium, and Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) by buildingSMART, were considered and tested in this initiative. A sample of datasets in the two formats were provided. External volunteers were asked to import the datasets in tools supposed to support the standards, check relevant aspects for the use of data (geometry, semantics, georeferencing, functionalities), report on them, and re-export the datasets in the standard format. Other tasks were intended to describe and test georeferencing procedures for IFC models and conversion tools between CityGML and IFC. This benchmark was useful to gather best practices and data about the functioning of useful tools to manage standardized data. Common behaviors and potential problems were pointed out and the discussion about the use of standards was further pushed.

Filip Biljecki
Filip Biljecki
Assistant Professor