Smart at Scale: Cities to Watch - 25 Case Studies


The World Economic Forum Global Future Council on Cities and Urbanization has leveraged its knowledge, networks and the public to identify 25 leading smart city projects that have successfully moved beyond the pilot stage. The Council created a platform on the Forum’s website to allow the public to submit their case studies and asked all Council members to advise their networks and spread the word through their social media platforms. These projects have leveraged critical success factors to move smart, sustainable and innovative initiatives to scale, including the following:

  • Public-private cooperation - Ambitious and strategic actions to meet commitments of the Paris Agreement on climate change, the Sustainable Development Goals and the New Urban Agenda - An innovative or future-oriented focus - Scalability and a proven positive impact on social, environmental and economic aspects of the city - Agile and smart governance, policy, technology, business models and financing - Significant leadership and credibility with respect to the local context