Recent activities of the UAL: guest lectures and lab seminars

Guest lectures with Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and Grab

Dr Filip Biljecki gave an invited talk at Geo Connect Asia 2021

Inaugural conference of geospatial leaders in Asia

Recent activities of the Lab

After we’ve enjoyed taking part in the State of the Map, IACAD, and 3D GeoInfo, the ongoing work of the Lab was presented at other venues.

New paper: How might an LoD Logic Framework Help to Bridge the 3D Cadastre Research-to-Practice Gap?

FIG Working Week 2020. A Proposal for a Level of Implementation Framework

Participation at the 3D GeoInfo 2020 conference

3D GeoInfo is a key conference in the 3D GIS community

New paper: Exploration of open data in Southeast Asia to generate 3D building models

This article investigates the current status of generating 3D building models across 11 countries in Southeast Asia from publicly available data, primarily volunteered geoinformation (OpenStreetMap)

New paper: Visualising detailed CityGML and ADE at the building scale

There is an increasing activity in developing workflows and implementations to convert BIM data into CityGML. However, there are still not many platforms that are suitable to view and interact with the detailed information stored as a result of such conversions, especially if an Application Domain Extension (ADE) is involved to support additional information

Our participation at the State of the Map 2020

This year's OpenStreetMap conference moved online retaining its full spirit

Keynote at IACAD 2020

The International Academic Conference on Architecture and Design (IACAD) 2020 has been held last week, and we contributed with a keynote

Visit to Seoul, Korea

Dr Filip Biljecki/UAL visits academic partners in South Korea to strength research collaborations

Call for papers for our workshop at ACM ICMR 2020 in Dublin

We're involved in the ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval (ICMR), by co-organising the Workshop on Intelligent Cross-Data Analysis and Retrieval

Our participation at the World Economic Forum - Global Future Councils 2019

The WEF’s Global Future Councils are the world’s foremost interdisciplinary knowledge network dedicated to promoting innovative thinking to shape a sustainable and inclusive future for all

Participation at Geospatial Kuala Lumpur 2019

We attended the Geospatial KL 2019 International Conference, which features the following three major conferences in one place: 6th International Conference Geomatics & Geospatial Technology 4th International Conference on Smart Data and Smart Cities 8th FIG Workshop on the Land Administration Domain Model (LADM).

Update on the GeoBIM benchmark

An investigation into the implementation state of open standards in software is currently ongoing through the ISPRS/EuroSDR ‘GeoBIM benchmark 2019’ initiative

Current trends, challenges, and gaps of contemporary 3D cadastre

A significant number of studies has been carried out to establish 3D cadastre solutions to improve the registration of multi-level property

Paper on quality of BIM-GIS conversion

Much work has been done on quality of geoinformation and interoperability between BIM and GIS. However, the intersection of the two - quality control of the conversion between BIM and GIS - remains uncharted

Towards generating LoD2 models without aerial surveys using machine learning

The paper deals with inferring the type of roof from LOD1 models, potentially contributing to a broader context of a workflow of generating LoD2 models bypassing traditional approaches

ISPRS Geospatial Week 2019

The ISPRS Geospatial Week 2019 was held in Enschede, the Netherlands. As part of the ISPRS WG IV/10 (Advanced Geospatial Applications for Smart Cities and Regions), we have been involved in the organisation of the ISPRS Workshop on Advanced Geospatial Applications for Smart Cities and Regions (SmartGeoApps 2019).