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3D GeoInfo 2019 in Singapore: a success. Thanks everyone!

We are very pleased to have had this year’s 3D GeoInfo hosted in Singapore. The 14th edition of the conference, co-organised by the National University of Singapore and the Singapore Land Authority, was part of a broader event named 3D Singapore, which comprised also three pre-conference workshops: 2nd BIM/GIS Integration Workshop, Point Clouds Training, and Big Data and Urban Analytics Workshop. The 4-day event, endorsed by the ISPRS and hosted at the Asian Civilisations Museum, was attended by about 200 participants from academia, industry, and public organisations; and it was supported by 6 exhibitors: AAM, Bentley, Esri Singapore, GPS Lands, Oracle, and YJP Surveyors.

Update on the GeoBIM benchmark

An investigation into the implementation state of open standards in software is currently ongoing through the ISPRS/EuroSDR ‘GeoBIM benchmark 2019’ initiative

Current trends, challenges, and gaps of contemporary 3D cadastre

A significant number of studies has been carried out to establish 3D cadastre solutions to improve the registration of multi-level property.

Paper on quality of BIM-GIS conversion

Much work has been done on quality of geoinformation and interoperability between BIM and GIS. However, the intersection of the two - quality control of the conversion between BIM and GIS - remains uncharted.

Towards generating LoD2 models without aerial surveys using machine learning

The paper deals with inferring the type of roof from LOD1 models, potentially contributing to a broader context of a workflow of generating LoD2 models bypassing traditional approaches.

Special issue in Transactions in GIS on 3D city modelling and BIM

As part of the 3D GeoInfo 2019 conference, and the 2th BIM/GIS Integration Workshop, we are organising a special issue in Transactions in GIS. Please find the call for papers below. It is important to note that this special issue is open to everyone regardless of conference or workshop participation, and projects and topics not presented at the event are welcome as well. Transactions in GIS is a highly ranked journal in its subject area, and there are no publication fees involved (unless you opt for open access).

3D GeoInfo 2019 conference in Singapore

3D GeoInfo is the flagship conference of the international 3D city modelling community, with the 2018 edition held in Delft. This year we are quite fortunate to be able to host it in Singapore, together with the Singapore Land Authority, in the last week of September. The paper submission and peer review process was a competitive one: we have received 68 papers, but were able to accept only 39. Besides an attractive selection of papers (for the full list please see the conference website) and exhibitors, we have been able to secure a very nice venue - the Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM) located in downtown Singapore.