The Lab is active in the following teaching activities at the National University of Singapore:

Please see below for more information.

Graduate courses

Our teaching activities span multiple modules offered as part of different master programmes at the NUS School of Design and Environment. The exact offering of modules will depend on the academic year.

GIS and Cartography (Semester 1)

Introduction to Data Science (Semester 1)

  • A new module for Architecture students, which is designed for those who wish to start with data science and programming from scratch. The course is of generic nature, covering a bit of several topics, but it puts urban data and data visualisation in the spotlight.

Planning Technologies (Semester 2)

  • A new core Master in Urban Planning module designed to acquaint students with the state of the art of urban planning technologies, predominantly urban data science. Depending on the AY, the course may include also guest lectures by external partners, e.g. Urban Redevelopment Authority.

Theses, dissertations, and capstone projects

If you are a motivated and talented undergraduate or graduate student, it is possible to conduct your thesis (or capstone project) research with us. Each year, we offer supervision and guidance to a few motivated students in pursuing projects in the domain of GIScience, 3D city modelling, and urban analytics.

Some of the student projects in the past have been successful resulting in conference and journal papers, benefiting the outreach of the research and the graduates' CVs. Conducting such a project facilitates learning new skills (e.g. tool or programming language), mastering a new multidisciplinary topic, working on a exciting real-world problem, and having the potential to have an impact. In principle, most topics require at least a basic level of programming and/or data science, and managing geospatial data.

The exact topic is discussed based on the interests, learning goals, and skills of the student. It is also possible to propose your own topic. Get in touch if interested.

Non-NUS students (from other Singaporean and from overseas universities), please see the NUS Non-graduating research student scheme if interested.

Completed theses / graduation projects

Usability of Street View Imagery in Assessing Bikeability

Koichi Ito
Master in Urban Planning (NUS, 2021)
Classification of Urban Morphology with Deep Learning: A Case Study of its Application on Urban Vitality Prediction

Chen Wangyang
Master in Urban Planning (NUS, 2021)
Using 3D city models to uncover urban farming potential in public housing blocks of Singapore

Ankit Palliwal
MSc in Applied GIS (NUS, 2020)

This research has also been published as a paper.
Enhanced population estimation beyond counts: exploring age patterns

Noée Szarka
MSc GIS (University of Edinburgh, 2020)

The thesis is available here. The code is open-sourced here.
Assessing the quality of OpenStreetMap building data in Singapore

Ethan Chen Wai Hoong
MSc in Applied GIS (NUS, 2020)

The thesis is available here.
Height Inference for all US Building Footprints in the Absence of Height Data

Imke Lánský
MSc in Geomatics (TU Delft, 2020)

The thesis is available here. The code is open-sourced here.
The effect of real void decks in Singapore ventilation

Aviva Opsomer
MSc in Building Technology (TU Delft, 2020)

The thesis is available here.
The Implementation of Big Data Analysis in Regulating Online Short-Term Rental Business: A case of Airbnb in Beijing

Li Jialin
Master of Urban Planning (NUS, 2019)

This research has also been published as a paper.

Ongoing projects

3D building reconstruction using deep learning methods

Pang Hui En
MSc in Applied GIS (NUS), started in 2021
Exploiting real estate data for the enrichment of spatial data infrastructure

Chen Xinyu
MSc in Applied GIS (NUS), started in 2021
What influences the price of real estate in Singapore?

Ying Zhang
Master in Business Analysis (Shanghai International Studies University), started in 2021
Taking Urban Farming to New Heights: Integrated Rooftop Farming Systems in Singapore

Shaila Narendran
MSc in Urban Science, Policy and Planning (Singapore University of Technology and Design), started in 2021

Potential topics

You may approach us to discuss potential topics for research. The topics will depend on many factors, such as our ongoing research projects (in which we might be able to accommodate a student project), latest publications (which we may want to extend), and the background/interests/study programme/learning goals of the student.